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The Porcine Lunch Club

The Porcine Lunch Club started on a whim. My friend Peter Cortez and I like to eat and play cards. 
When New York Magazine published the 35 best pork dishes in New York, we took it as a challenge. 
We had to eat the list.  We created a website that would allow 8 people to join us for each meal. 
Every Monday morning we opened a table for 10 the following Thursday at noon. We also created a Facebook group where we announce the next meal, then post the photos and minutes of each meeting. There are plans afoot to publish the minutes and photos, eventually. The Porcine Lunch Club has had guests join us from all over the world, been treated like royalty in some of New York's finest restaurants and has been featured in The New York Times. Pretty good for a couple of pork eating poker players, eh?